Energy house built in Barnaul, a pilot project


A pilot project for the Altai region was implemented within the framework of regional targeted program "Moving people from emergency housing with the need of low-rise construction."

In a residential house has autonomous solar power system of the "San Energy", which is a power saving and provides autonomous operation in case of power failure at the facility. The installed capacity of 1.5 kW of solar modules (9 solar modules FSM 170, 24), power inverter Xantrex XW4024 4 kW. On the perimeter, the house is equipped with a self-contained lighting systems such as "Sunlight", ASO include solar modules FSM 165 24 V with programmable controllers for controlling light, LED lights and power of the battery. The equipment is supplied by "SolarInnTeh."

If there is insufficient solar energy system comes into operation of the heat pump or gas-fired boilers, and depending on the tariffs for gas and electricity is possible to change the priorities set heating systems.

The designer of energy-efficient homes by OOO "Barnaulgrazh-danproekt" general contractor — Ltd SPD JSC "Altaystroy." If the project proves successful, then similar residential buildings can be built in the village of Clean Ponds and Rubtsovsk.

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