Energy Minister: some results in 2012 in the energy sector

  • Energy Minister Alexander Novak
  • Energy Minister Alexander Novak

"Production of electricity last year increased by 2.3%, while the installed capacity of the UES of Russia increased by 6.5 GW and was 223.1 gigawatts," — said today the Minister of Energy Minister Alexander Novak made a report to the government hour.

Oil production last year rose to 518 million tons and for the first time exceeded the 1990 result. Growth was provided not only new fields, but also stabilization of production at traditional fields in Western Siberia. Refining also was the highest since the collapse of the Soviet Union and exceeded 270 million tons.

Coal production grew last year by 5.2% and exceeded 354 million tons — it is also the result of the post-Soviet period, the highest. At the same time up to 131 million tons, and exports grew — mainly due to increase in supplies to Europe.

Gas production in the last year fell to 654.4 billion cubic meters. m This is due to reduced demand in the Ukraine and Western Europe. However, begun last year, the construction of new LNG capacity and new production centers in Eastern Siberia create the preconditions for increasing gas exports to the markets of Asia-Pacific perspective.
Thus, the results of the oil and gas sector has had a big impact in 2012 conducted a comprehensive tax reform. Were adopted the so-called 60-66-90 system, new technical regulations on fuel quality, differentiated excise taxes and other measures. This is a revolutionary event for the industry allowed to double the base cost-effective hydrocarbon reserves and attract large-scale investments in the sector.

Investments in oil production for 2012 rose 15% to 835 billion rubles. Investments in the modernization of the oil refining industry amounted to 174 billion rubles., Which is 14% more than in 2011.

In 2012, it introduced new power, petrochemicals and gas in Omsk, Perm, Nizhnekamsk and Kaliningrad in total 560 thousand tons. In 2013, we expect to enter the capacity for another 1,340 tons.

In 2011-2012. carried out the construction and renovation of 21 set of deep processing of oil for 2013 is planned construction and renovation of 13 more plants.

Production decline gazabylo associated with a reduction in demand for our traditional export markets. In these circumstances, the government’s efforts have been focused on the development of infrastructure to increase the competitiveness of the industry.

  • Bovanenkovskoye field (©
  • Bovanenkovskoye field (©

In 2012 it was put into operation a giant Bovanenkovskoye field on the Yamal Peninsula with the gas transmission system. The construction of the 2nd leg of the pipeline "Nord Stream" and the construction of the "South Stream". The construction of the ESPO-2. In the East of the country decided on arrangement Chayandinskoye oil and gas field and pipeline construction "Power of Siberia" with capacity of 60 billion cubic meters. year. The route of the gas pipeline will be laid in the same corridor with the ESPO pipeline system that will strengthen our export opportunities in Asia. To increase the market share of Russian liquefied natural gas projected construction of an LNG plant on the Yamal Peninsula, Sakhalin and Vladivostok, is a discussion of issues of trade liberalization LNG. In parallel, actively developed and the program of gasification of Russian regions.

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