Energy-saving block in the science city beyond the river Byisk

getting ready for commissioning

Recently, in connection with the commissioning of new energy-efficient homes on the resettlement program of emergency shelter for street Lermontov was repeatedly referred to a specific date — April 18.

This pilot project, a quarter of these homes being built for the first time in the country. Used in the construction of all known energy-saving technologies in Russia. Here mounted single control center quarter, which will capture all the process parameters for each apartment individually. Accordingly, the calculation of utility services will be optimal. According to the builders, the overall costs of heating, electricity, heating, ventilation should be reduced by 70%. 

Building on the results of this quarter the government will decide on the construction of similar homes in other regions of Russia. In connection with this hard leaking information that the acceptance of these homes will probably carry out personally by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Houses are almost ready for delivery. All apartments are fully equipped with almost sanitary equipment, all communications, each apartment are individual devices for gas, heat, flow of hot and cold water. Now the mounting holes are sealed, made painting and cleaning apartments from small debris. Each apartment washed walls and floor, and it is locked.

In addition, intensively produced and external works: filled blind area, complete upgrading facades and landscaping is in full swing home territory.

In the hallway of a new home.


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