Engineering-geological surveys — a prerequisite for

competent construction

JSC "SPC" Gidrogeoteh ", offering a full range of geotechnical, hydrogeological and environmental investigations, recalls the need to carry out these studies in order to correct and safe construction sites. Research and Production Center confirms its competence in this matter with the necessary documentation and membership of SRO. 
JSC "SPC" Gidrogeoteh "is a modern, dynamic and mobile company providing services in engineering-geological and other types of research. The center is in the Central Federal District, Siberia and the Far East. The spectrum of research needs in mining, underground water, to study the anthropogenic impact on the environment, as well as work related to construction. The list of services also includes the design and construction of water intake sites, water supply and drainage, drilling and workovers.
Conducting engineering — geological survey is a necessary measure for choosing the right design solution that provides the technical reliability of the construction of the object. These works provide a complete picture of the geological environment and allow for the necessary calculations.
Engineering-geological surveys include forecasting change geouslovy terrain reconnaissance, underground development, data of previous years, etc.
The guarantee of quality of the services is the professional staff whose activities supported by the necessary documentation. The company has a tolerance of SRO.
"We remind you that these works are an integral part of the construction of objects of different complexity. We offer reasonable value of services ", — said the head of the Center.
Information about the company
JSC "SPC" Gidrogeoteh "- hosts a wide range of services required for the construction, mining, industrial impact on the study area. This includes the engineering and geological surveys, assessment of groundwater resources, drilling and workovers, registration license for subsoil use, etc. Company Website

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