Entrepreneur-tasty nugget feeds Kuzbass


Home-based businesses. A resident of the district yurginskogo Sergey Shapovalov opened on the site shop for smoked meat. Production of the private entrepreneur is in demand not only in the Kuzbass, but also in neighboring regions.

Today deli meat produced by this plant will satisfy the needs of any gourmet. It produces about 50 kinds of products. Sam Sergei Shapovalov got a taste of business a few years ago. Together with his family bred cows, pigs, sheep, chickens.    Sergei Shapovalov, entrepreneur: "I came up with the idea to process the meat themselves. Built a small shop, put one camera. Someone comes to us, looking for somewhere themselves. Basically, all established, all of the supplies we know. "   
Over time, the entrepreneur only appetites grew, along with the volume of production. Business has gone beyond the family. Sergey has recruited 24 others. Now it is a mini-meat-packing plant with advanced equipment that enables to produce 20 tons per month to more than $ 3 million rubles. To control the production of a video surveillance system installed even. Today the workshop is constantly evolving. Of recent acquisitions that smoking chamber. It was purchased in Poland and replace those old 8. This saves time, energy and productivity. Authorities say yurginskogo district, today virtually every resident can repeat the successful experience Shapovalov. The area has a program for the development of small and medium-sized businesses

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