Environmental problem with the 80-year-old decide in Irkutsk


Remains of arsenic in plant Svirsk will show any local resident. This extensive brick ruins, situated between the modern and the ancient village of Svir Makarievo on the banks of the Angara. They take up more than a dozen acres, and its height is 17 meters around the imposing ruins lies a huge black spot, virtually devoid of vegetation greens are only small islands shining gently through the thick layer of dead ash …  However, arsenic plant became known recently. Its developers have been more considerate — appeared in 1934, a secret facility was officially named the Angarsk Steel Works, abbreviated AMP. And there seems to be lied to, but also not told the truth. Arsenic, for example, also metal, and it was his, and produced in large quantities this secret plant. And the products are not intended for medical purposes: on the basis of arsenic then synthesized chemical warfare agents. Adamsite caused damage respiratory organs, and lewisite literally burned the skin, penetrating her, even through the protective suits and masks of those years.

The company he worked until 1949, and then for a while it still protected — as long as the export of products and some equipment. And then disappeared and security. It was then back and got into the habit to drop in the local population. First, missing wood and barbed wire fence surrounding the factory complex — they were separated for various household needs. Then he began to dismantle brick walls impregnated with arsenic — today from the old buildings there are not more than half.
From the extracted material svirchane vengeance built the foundations of houses, faced it with brick basement with supplies. Walked into the course and metal, which at the plant has accumulated a great many — the majority of heavy machinery thrown together with the plant. Waste production for many years sprinkled urban roads.
The ruins are a great place for games of local children, especially since the next was (and still works) Makarevskaya high school.

The concentration of arsenic in the soil was growing every year. In a short time he could get into the groundwater and spread the Bratsk reservoir, and then it would be an environmental disaster is inevitable. There was a question about the speedy elimination of waste plant.

Then Svirsk entered the federal target program "The National System of chemical and biological safety in Russia." One of the most important phases of the project — preparing the bed foundation pit for the disposal of waste, it is this and are recognized experts in the career of the North 5.

— As of today, I think we were one of the first who started to build with this approach. Correct literate. In accordance with all the requirements of environmental safety — said the deputy mayor Svirsk Dmitry Mahonkin.

In this pit fit thirty thousand cubic meters of waste. What was left of the factory buildings: fragments of concrete beams, bricks, rebar. Abandoned shop AMZ, by the way, in order to once again environmental security, understood mechanically, without the use of explosives. That hazardous substances are not spread. Next to this huge pit, the pit several times more. There will be folded stubs — more than one hundred and thirty thousand cubic meters of waste production of the arsenic.

— When we had introduced, close the same insulating material. Perform a protective base coat and then — reclamation. And then from this burial was nothing gets out. To monitor all environmental requirements, here we have made five wells. These wells were drilled to a depth of 60-70 meters for groundwater — said the foreman contractor Andrei Yakovlev.

Total liquidation works with the territory Svirska were taken one hundred sixty thousand cubic meters of hazardous waste. Basically, it cinders left over from the production of arsenic. This project is fully completed in two thousand and fourteen years.

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