Equipment production facilities of JSC VSW new, high-tech equipment

We continue to equip the new plant production facilities, high-tech equipment. The introduction of modern machine tools in production allowed quickly to establish processes in our company, resulting in significant savings, a significant increase in the quality of the finished poduktsii the best foreign samples, while equipment prices remain the same. Making possible to achieve such high performance? So in 2010-2011 production halls of our factory was equipped with the latest modern machines. Let’s talk about each of them individually:
1) Coordinate turret punching press Finn-Power:

Coordinate punch press is used for stamping metal sheets and their forming, punching holes in them and conduct logging. Such presses have high productivity and accuracy, so you can use them in enterprises with more nomenclature few details and a high degree of automation. Punch press allows changing the breakdown of the material quickly, is highly accurate. — Used to get parts from sheet 1250 * 2500mm (or blank) — sheet thickness — 0.5-8mm — accuracy when punching holes — 0.1 mm, the deviation of the center distance + / — 0.1 mm, punching force — 300KN. This is a cost-effective solution to the problems of production of any scale.
2) Vertical turning center VTM-100 «OKUMA»:


Three-axis CNC vertical machining center OKUMA VTM production combines the best of the technical capabilities of vertical turning lathe and machining center. Having tool magazine 36 and the cone part 50 makes it possible to perform on the same basis as turning and milling operation. — Maximum turning diameter — 1000 mm — maximum machining length — 840mm — spindle speed — 1250 r / min — Shank — Vt50.
3) CNC machine reading system «PLAYBACK»:


The machine is used to extract rotaktsionnoy products, allowing the operator to work out regimes for the production of specific details, and then make those details with the remote control in the required quantities and with high accuracy.
4) Robotic welding system (MIG / MAG):


Is based on a series of Panasonic welding robot TA-1400WG. Welding system includes: — Panasonic welding robot 1400 — Panasonic 350A welding power source — Simultaneous horizontal rotator Panasonic series Panadice load — 200 250kg.-2p. It is an essential tool in the arsenal of any company. Information on the technology of robotic complexes welding frame structures in devices with quick-clamps for the items, and to the waste program. Welding fixtures are designed by experts of the company "Southern Industrial Group", made by JSC "VSW". Currently, the total number of products is welded to the RSK-23 leads. Of these, the specialists of "VSW" designed — 11. The introduction of this technology can significantly reduce the complexity of welding, to improve the quality and marketability of products, as well as a more efficient and versatile production. The apparent advantage of robots is a highly flexible robotic systems. Robotic welding — is a transition to a completely different level of quality and production standards. The Company operates robots for welding, we achieve high productivity, and improve product quality.

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