Eralfon ® — nominated for the Platinum Ounce

Eralfon ® (Epoetin alfa) is among the contenders to win the "Breakthrough of the Year" in the I phase of voting advisory council of the "Platinum Ounce".
"Platinum Ounce" — an open competition among professionals of pharma industry in Russia.

The company "Sotex" Eralfon ® launched in 2008.
Eralfon ® is used for the treatment and prevention of anemia.
Eralfon ® — one of the high-tech knowledge-based drugs, complete production cycle from which the scientific development to packaging and labeling is carried out in Russia.

Pharmaceutical company "Sotex" was founded in 1999, in 2007, "Sotex" entered the top ten leading Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers, the company started selling the first of their own brands.
In 2009, "Sotex" started export of medicines to countries near and far abroad. The company continues to expand its range of own brands.

The production site of "Sotex"

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