Eskmash perfected tracked excavator E180R-30

"Eskmash" (part of the holding «UMG») has released a new modification of the hydraulic excavator E180R-30.
Plant’s "Eskmash" perfected gusenechny excavator, significantly easing its operating weight from 18 to 15 tons, simultaneously reducing fuel consumption.
New backhoe swamp "Eskmash» E180R-30 is:
for use in large volume operations on soils with low carrying capacity,
for reclamation and peat works in a swampy area.
Machinery Enterprise "Exmash" establishes its excavators foreign components. The new excavator E180R-30 is equipped with:
BF 4M 2012 engine company Deutz (liquid-cooled engine with direct injection and turbocharging, Compliant with international environmental standards CO2)
hydraulics (pump unit, hydraulic control valve, control boxes, travel drive with hydraulic motors) Bosch-Rexroth (Germany).
Depending on the type of work done have the option of picking the excavator "Exmash» E180R-30:
ladles smaller capacity
planirovochnym and specialized buckets,
hydraulic hammer,
Copan clamshell
hydraulic equipment to perform emergency work in the field (and chain saws, welding machine, pump, hammer, etc.)

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