Especially for the high-speed train depot built in Kharkov

Repair and equipping depot maintenance inter-speed trains: the production of «Huyndai» and «KVSZ", and in the future «SKODA» is located in Kharkov. At present, construction of the depot Forces Southern Railway hearse. Large-scale reconstruction began in 2010.



 The new depot located on the site of the old, a new building was erected practically brand new high-tech complex with its own internal infrastructure. Who carried out construction work on the reconstruction of the roof of the building repair and outfit depot, installing modern equipment of the new boiler, installation of vacuum sewer systems, steel structures and sandwich panels from the south side of the building.

 Maintenance of high-speed trains will be manufactured at three levels, which are mounted three automated rack to inspect the car from top to bottom. Automated racks were manufactured by the company «Bertolotti S.r.A" to order.

Rail travel in the territory of Ukraine for the year 2011 were carried 430.1 million passengers, which is 0.7% more than last year. Total passenger in Ukraine by any mode of transport has increased by 3.3% to $ 134.3 billion pass. km.


The compositions of the high-speed trains are formed at an accelerated pace to top holding of the European Football Championship EURO 2012. According to Boris Kolesnikov, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine — Minister of Infrastructure in Ukraine today stadiums and airports host cities are ready for 100%, hotels in Ukraine for Euro 2012 yet prepared by 75%. In preparation for Euro 2012 has been used about 800 million dollars

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