Essentials on vacation

A man on vacation is necessary to:

— Two bottles of vodka for the first time;

— Two box of matches (one match and salt in the other matches and raspberry for fishing);

— A certificate of exemption.

A woman must-take:

— Skirt-sail and pumps;

-shoulders (and then there will be the wrong size);

— Vodorodika peroxide (discolor hairs and whiskers);

— A handful of native powder;

— Cream with a baffle effect, exfoliating cream (and suddenly something prishelushitsya?), A cream from constipation;

— Flesh-colored band-aid (to stick on the ring finger of the right hand);

— Metal nail file (suddenly have to take off the ring?)

— Tablets ("Nestarin", "small", "Antiuvyaday" "Antioprostal");

— Shoes with spikes (and suddenly go to the mountains?), Fins on the heel (on the beach);

— A photograph (a few pieces), in order that there be photographed;

— Chaise (not standing waiting at the airport, and on the beach so as not to pay);

— Dress for the customs, dress for the plane dress for registration at the hotel, beach dress, dress for a sauna, a dress for the elevator;

-mesh for the chest (overnight wear to keep, and not to go slob);

— Sombrero, rubber cap, shower cap, hat with roses, beret, scarf, veil, cap, hat from a newspaper (in case the room suddenly need repair);

— Handkerchief-pair (in case there is not strong warm wind blows, and I without a pareo, and there is nothing to be beautiful flutter and stretch, caked with my slender, almost girlish figure!)

— Last year’s notes and checks, to compare how prices rose for the year;

— Toy gun son (very similar to the present) for walks in the evenings one;

— Easel with a set of ready-made landscapes (to put it pointedly on the balcony, and change pictures once a day, and most thoughtfully smoking on the balcony in one take);

— A collection of poems Burumturygina (all asked that I read it, and what kind of poet — just hitch a mysterious man at Burumturygina);

— A black sheet (for a romantic evening), candles, a bottle of wine, flowers, vase;

— A box of chocolates (to be);

-empty bottle of wine, which is like the last time, to buy the same;

— The menu from the Japanese restaurant to learn the names, and just to have something to read on the plane;

— Detektivchik on page twenty-one (the number of days of leave);

— "War and Peace" (all four volumes) — to press the corners of the towels on the beach;

— Curtains (suddenly in the room will not be blind or they do not like or are not in tune wallpaper?)

— By the way, wallpaper, too, need to take;

— The basis for cakes;

— A bottle of vinegar (suddenly in Turkish hotel for a moment at hand would stove with oven, four eggs, a cup of flour, half a cup of sugar, two teaspoons of cocoa, baking soda and vinegar do not?!)

— Scoop or shovel, if need be any plant or dig a hole;

Kilo of apples, a kilo of plums, cherries kilo, a kilo of potatoes, a kilogram of cashews, a bag of frozen strawberries (snack), "Festal", "Mezim";

— Scales (because in the south all the scales lie);

— Five bottles of 0.75 with a screw top, because they are so comfortable;

— Carnival mask (suddenly from Anapa will tour in Venice?)

— And a spare luggage (in case the main luggage is lost).

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