Established the first Russian equipment for videoconferencing

The developer of software solutions for video conferencing TrueConf created for her as the first Russian equipment. Competitors say about the shortcomings of solutions, but the motion to supplement on equipment called correct.

Russian manufacturer of video conferencing systems (VCS) TrueConf (until recently "VideoPort"), engaged in software solutions, has expanded its line of equipment. Now, in addition to video conferencing software server can be the vendor for 95 thousand rubles. Buy a set of equipment TrueConf Terminal, consisting of a hardware codec, a 9-inch touch-panel, 22-inch LCD monitor, HD-camera and speakerphone with noise reduction. The quality of the transmitted image — 720p, ie 1280 x 720 pixels.

CTO TrueConf Stanislav Soldatov said CNews, that components for the system are imported into Russia, and the terminal equipment is going to partner vendor. "Wireless protocols, it was decided not to use, — he says. — A hardware codec is connected to the LAN on the Ethernet, with him on the cover and connect USB microphone, connected via a standard DVI-cable. Test installations at customers already have, we are now launching a public sale. "

According to him, except to market hardware solutions vendor plans to move overseas. "This is the first domestic video conferencing hardware solution, — the soldier. — Its creation was a logical development of our plans, and we want to occupy a niche equipment for conference rooms and solutions for the management, as the most dynamic and promising in our industry. "

Before the advent of its own software solutions videoconferencing TrueConf through the gateway was connected to the hard-copy systems from other vendors. Two major global vendor of such systems — is included in Polycom and Cisco Tandberg.

In addition to the basic set TrueConf Terminal there is an enhanced version of it, with the camera with three degrees of freedom (pan tilt zoom camera, PTZ, remote controlled and have an improved optical characteristics). This seriously raises the cost of the decision — only own this camera is worth about 100 thousand rubles., Evaluates soldiers.

Russia’s main competitor in the market of software TrueConf videoconferencing systems — a "VideoMost", included in the Spirit DSP. While the company does not have a hardware solution, but the manufacturer is preparing for its creation. "The overall movement toward a hardware device is correct — the vice-president of the group Vyacheslav Borilin. — However, the proposed implementation has a number of shortcomings. "

Main advantages he sees in speech technologies competitor and using the touch panel. "As you can see from the specifications, the supplier still does not have a decent voice technology and recommends the use of special microphones for better speech — lists Borilin. — It is also necessary to buy expensive special microphones for echo cancellation. "

With regard to the control panel, then he believes 99% of the user videoconferencing hardware used to the remote control. "For individual devices touchpad on the table by a superfluous detail, — the Borilin. — Also not clear what is offered in the kit monitor (again, the extra cost) if the device is able to work with a PC monitor or TV. As I see it, the first pancake turned out a success, but in general the right direction and we will also complement its software to the hardware. "

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