Estimated cost of U.S. F-35

Estimated cost of U.S. F-35
Implementation applets fighter 5th generation F-35 asks the yearly cost of their purchase in the amount of 12.6 billion dollars until 2037.
These data are contained in a new report, the government’s control and financial management GAO (Government Accountability Office) on the F-35 program there.

Total U.S. investment in the development and procurement program from 2457 fighters.

F-35 to 2037 amount to almost 400 billion dollars.

By the end of 2012 was delivered 52 aircraft.

Before the end of flight tests programmke development planned to buy 289 aircraft valued at 57.8 billion dollars, which is associated with a specific monetary risk. At the same time, the cost of the technical service and extending the life of existing combat aircraft require cost about 8 billion dollars.

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