Ethnocultural complex Ataman opened the season of festivals Rainbow Family of talents

Each month the winner for the visitors and residents of the Kuban on concert stages Atamaniv creative teams will be performing the Krasnodar region and other regions of Russia.

Only in festivals attended by about 50 bright original creative family dynasties. In addition to vocal performance, dance, instrumental numbers they show traditional folk rituals demonstrate their achievements in the arts and crafts, arts and crafts.

A fairground Atamaniv products Kuban farmers in high demand, rally sold out strawberries, early cherries, tomatoes, cucumbers and greens.

In Atamaniv work guides, master class conducted a shoemaker, weaver, blacksmith, potter. "Tea," tavern "Uspenochka", "Varenichnaya" feed children and adults Kuban borscht and dumplings.

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"Ataman" — Cossack ethno-cultural complex , built on the shore of the Azov Taman, where 217 years ago the first group disembarked the Black Sea Cossack settlers.


The complex opened in August 2009 by the administration of Krasnodar region, running from spring to late autumn. Each municipality is the Krasnodar Territory rebuilt the hut and courtyard villagers — Ataman, saddler, blacksmith, weaver, the priest, the barber, the winemaker, and others.

Avenue of Military Glory "Lilac ’45" was replenished with new exhibits: machine guns, machine guns and cannon. Very soon there will be a tank and plane.

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