ETRAN system prepares contracts for 106,000 cars of SHAPE.

106,000 cars of Freight transferred to the automated control system ETRAN JSC "Russian Railways". IT-support for the project has implemented the company "IntelLeks."

Backlog regulatory framework of the actual situation on the market of rail freight recently led to considerable difficulties in the management of the Fleet. In order to enhance the management of the cars at the beginning of the year, in accordance with the Government of the Russian Federation of December 20, 2011 № 1051 "On the procedure involving a public company" Russian Railways’ rolling stock for freight and the establishment of a special order pricing for freight rolling stock in that, "of" SHAPE "temporarily transferred JSC" Russian Railways "functions for managing the park gondolas. The project was called "The cars attracted own" (GSP).

IT-support for the project has implemented the company "IntelLeks" — a system designer ETRAN. For their own cars involved in the ETRAN were created modules for calculating and charging of freight charges, registration of transport documents, transport planning and management analysts in the park WWW. To speed up the processing of documents added specialized tariff mark 72 — "Shipping involved in their own cars."

Given the fact that the project GSP applies only to transportation in the territory of the Russian Federation, was also implemented an automatic translation from the car park of the WWW in the agency contract with JSC "SHAPE" with the export and transfer of the car from the agency contract of "SHAPE" in the park at the GSP imports .

Transportation planning in the park on the orders of the GSP is to provide rail cars, similar to the agency agreements. Calculation and charging of freight charges is carried out on a specially defined by the Government of the Russian Federation list price. The process of calculating and issuing of lease payments is automated.

Currently, the system ETRAN documents are issued for the entire park SHAPE plying the territory of the Russian Federation, which is about 106,000 cars.

"Summing up, we can say with certainty about the very high level of automation project GSP. The system ETRAN took over the job of maintaining the contractual relationship on these cars. Agents PIFS were spared from entering the additional volume of information in the design of transportation documents GSP. Also, traditionally, the system has been implemented into account traffic and analytics, designed to show the customer all the pluses and minuses of this project ", — said Head of the results of development of Software Development Company" IntelLeks " Nicholas Artamonov.

Recall that the first wagon of "SHAPE" in the framework of the GSP system was designed in ETRAN January 20, 2012.


Company "IntelLeks»( is a leader in the market of software development in the field of transport logistics (IT Logistics), is a developer of automated ETRAN, which are made 100% of rail freight in Russia. The company "IntelLeks" several times been awarded the "Partner of the Open Joint Stock Company" Russian Railways "in the nomination" The best supplier of IT solutions, "and in 2007 was nominated for the award" Golden Chariot "in the" Project of the Year of Russian transport industry. "

JSC "SHAPE" (Http:// (a subsidiary of OAO "RZD") started business in 2010. The main activity of "SHAPE" is to provide rolling stock for their own transportation, as well as the provision of freight forwarding and other services.

The development plan of "SHAPE" includes opening 14 branches throughout the range of the Russian railways.

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