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I want to share the article Eugene super "Why we do not notice the good news, or should the State energetically promoting their success"

 Dear readers! Over the last month in Russia opened six new iron and steel industries, a car-repair plant, one manufacture to produce composite parts for aircraft, one engineering company and a host of smaller productions. Over the last month in the country opened up many new sports facilities, kindergartens and hospitals. I am sure that all the news passed by most of us. But we know very well what had breakfast yesterday Edward Snowden, how much money is collected elections Alexei Navalny and protest against what Russian gay. Why is that, parse below.

"Holy work" at his own expense

At a recent forum "Seliger" site developer "made us" Roman Kovrigin asked Vladimir Putin, is not it time for the government to begin actively talk about their successes. The President replied:

— There is a very important thing: if it is done solely for the money of the state and with the help of the government, the credibility of such information will be negligible. That’s the whole trick, you know? It is necessary to do so talented, interesting, light people, to attract people to this information and, at the same time to use minimal support from the government, although it is, of course, the sacred cause. What you are doing is holy work. But the more you’ll receive money from the state, the more you will glue some shortcut and the less confidence in the information that you formulate. Let’s think about this together.

Really have to think about.

First of all, we note that that the audience is not ready to perceive the positive facts, usually "hang tags" on their spreading, regardless of whether it pays for in reality the state or not. Such an audience just can not believe that the voice is good news for the country can not for the money, but on the will of the soul.

The same audience (while smaller co-hort), which is ready to take positive, usually of little interest, for whose account it presented the facts. Far more important to her that these facts were true.

By the way, I noticed that the positive developments at greater critical analysis than negative. Moreover, both by the audience loyal thereto. So, let’s say, any news about the company carefully analyzed for composition of the owners, the participation of foreign capital for investments, the number of jobs created, etc. While some on the knee concocted about stuffing the Caucasians / ROC / Railways scatters across the network at lightning speed without any critical thinking.

All this suggests that the fear sticking labels probably should not. And so they pasted for any hint of positive content.

But what you can not argue with Vladimir Vladimirovich, it’s that engage in positive coverage should really talented people. And here’s why.

So arranged that the news of the opening of the plant will inevitably lose in attracting viewers’ attention to the news about his own closing. Positive calms us, and negative, on the contrary, stimulates emotional. And so much response, better remembered.

What we are seeing in the media today — it’s mostly a banal commercial exploitation of the features of our perception. There are, of course, and those who composes, throws and replicates the negative in order to create negative attitudes in society, but I’m sure most just chasing ratings, without pursuing any strategic goals.

However, the attractiveness of the negative does not mean the absence of positive. He just lost against the background of all kinds of horror stories.

Based on this, we must understand that under equal conditions of positive news will never compete with the negative. To even the odds, positive should be different exciting, vibrant form of submission. And for this purpose and need talented writers, journalists, reporters, cameramen, etc. They should be on the order of talented experienced peddlers of bad news.

It seems to me that Vladimir Putin in his answer meant mainly just that: ordinary people, not a soul cares for the cause will not be able to cover good news, no matter what salary from the treasury or to put it. The same man who started doing it on enthusiasm, do not count on help from the state, will make it sincere, and because the audience will believe him anymore.

All true, but there are nuances.

Without the aid will not do

In front of us is a perfect example of a successful combination of government funding, professionalism and a good result — it’s TV channel Russia Today. It is a pity that it is aimed at external audiences, and similar media, illuminating the inner life of the country, no. Although in fairness it must be said that the TV channel "Russia-24" has a lot of interesting programs dedicated to the Russian production, science, medicine, and all sorts of achievements. However, to compete in the degree of exposure to RT, he can not yet.

Fortunately, there are amateur projects like the same Song, but precisely because of the nature of the amateur to compete with the stream of negativity it is very easy. The fate of these projects is predictable: they cheerfully start on the enthusiasm of the founder, to spin it as a good pace, and then run into the ceiling, which can stand for years. Just for a new level you can not do without funding. Who would invest in such a project, if profitable to invest in some yellow poster with high advertising revenues? Unless some very socially mature businessman, but often do you meet them? And where is the guarantee that, in finding such a time, it will not be under the control of the media to impose its ideological line?

The idea of the media, funded by subscribers, in front of falls over and over again. And in the opposite our ideological camp too. You can collect some money, but it is usually not sufficient to fully support the work.

We can only state. This is logical. After all, it is the government is primarily interested in a more complete coverage of the positive. Yes, this is a very difficult and delicate work — not to slide into the empty bravirovanie and exciting to talk about their successes. But does this work for us daunting?

Especially now that the louder talk about the new grandiose infrastructure projects that will be funded from the National Welfare Fund. It is already clear that tomorrow they will be the subject of fierce attacks from all information tools, and a voice in their defense will continue to drown in a sea of slander volleys.

In this story I am encouraged by only one thing — a slow but noticeable increase in demand for alternative coverage of reality. That is, the story is not just about the poor, but also the good. This happens quite naturally — due to fatigue from a negative society. Too crushed us disasters, murder and theft. The growing demand for a good is to push the young, sincere and patriotic enthusiasts who are not afraid to act against the trend. It will be just the people who need and for such work. However, their appearance does not obviate the need for the state to help them tell the truth about yourself. [/ Cut]

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