EuroChem bought the assets of BASF for the production of fertilizer for 830 million euros

Russian agrochemical holding "Eurochem" paid for the assets of the German BASF for the production of mineral fertilizers in Belgium more than announced in the past year, the price — 830 million euros.

BASF last year promised to sell "Evrokhim" not only assets in Belgium, but half of the enterprise PEC-Rhin in France for 700 million euros, but at the end of January it became known that the business of the company in France went GPN, a member of the group Total.

"Eurochem" said that he could produce at the production site in Antwerp, nitrogen and complex fertilizers NPK and nitrophosphoric and nitric acid.

"Eurochem", which controls the businessman Andrey Melnichenko, is in the top ten global agrochemical industry production capacity. The main products of the company are nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, and iron ore.

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