EuroChem implementing a unique project to clean up the water in the enterprise Belorechensk (Krasnodar Territory)

Company "EuroChem Belorechenskie Fertilizers’ before the end of 2011 will be the first chemical plant in Russia, which will move to a zero discharge system of water use and completely stop the discharge of sewage, storm water and industrial effluents beyond the enterprise into the river Pshekha. Work on the creation of water-drainage system are conducted in the framework of environmental policy "EuroChem".


The first step towards this goal was the building of the company in 2007, its own local treatment facilities. Next specialists, together with representatives of the Moscow Research Institute "Vodgeo" examined all departments of the plant amounted to balance schemes of water use and wastewater sampling and optimizing the consumption of river water for industrial needs. We are talking about the water that is discharged shops after blowdown, water treatment and so on.

Then the concept was worked out, worked out the basic technical solutions and in 2010 continued the implementation of activities under the project. On the premises was built accumulating capacity installed pumping equipment, laid pipeline network. All work will be completed before the end of 2011.

The project has been praised by the Administration of the Krasnodar region. First Vice-Governor of Kuban Dzhambulat house, speaking to reporters during the X International Investment Forum "Sochi -2011", said: "The example of the enterprise Belorechensk Company" EuroChem "presented us with a unique project to protect natural resources, which will help eliminate what -or a negative impact on the environment. I think it interesting, "- said the first deputy head of the Kuban.

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