Europe buys 20 Russian rocket Soyuz-ST


The European Space Agency and Arianespace company ordered from Russia 20 carrier rockets "Soyuz-ST" for launches from Kourou, said Wednesday at the Baikonur Cosmodrome ESA head Jean-Jacques Dordain.

"Only on the run with the help of the" Union "with Kuru signed eight contracts. It is, in fact, that ordered from our side, but I know that there are other orders for the launch of the "Union". Thus, the company placed an order Arianspace in the industry for the production of 10 more rockets "Soyuz-ST" — said Dordain, reports "Interfax".

Dordain said that next year will be done two or three starts of "Soyuz-ST", two of which — with spacecraft of the European navigation system Galileo.
"In addition to these two launches signed contracts to launch five more satellites Galileo», — he added.
Also signed contracts to start with rocket "Soyuz-ST" scientific spacecraft Gaia and remote Earth observation satellite Sentinel-1.

Rocket "Soyuz-ST" makes the Samara plant "Progress Samara Space Center."


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