Europe has launched a second satellite for climate observations

Europe has launched a second satellite for observing climate Facts

From the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan launched a second satellite Metop-in. The purpose of the unit will be to maintain the process of observation of weather and atmospheric changes around our planet. Since 2006, it held a similar satellite Metop-A, orbiting the earth from one pole to the other 14 times a day. But while the first device is up.

Coordinates the work of ESA satellite operations center in Darmstadt, Germany. Preceding the beginning of the life of the new satellite will have to work in test mode. For some time, both satellites will operate in parallel, so that they sync happened as best as possible, and so that in the future there was less trouble in getting and reliability.
Unlike satellite Meteosat, analyzing data from only half of our planet from a fixed point of 33 thousand kilometers above the Gulf of Guinea, a generation Metop is at low altitude (about 817 km) and passes over all the earth, making the climate report more complete.
In 2013, plans to launch a satellite. That will monitor the state of the environment and climate initiative Evrokomissii. Thus, the experts will be available not only data on temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction at the ocean surface, but the more specific parameters. Climate predictions can be given for 10 days in advance, which is essential for a timely response to the approaching cataclysm. Metop-term service to end in 2020.

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