European air reduces life

European air reduces life Facts

It turned out that in certain parts of the European Union shorten your life by about two years. This is due to air pollution levels in certain parts of the EU. Of course, the European community has made great efforts and successfully reduces the concentration of certain toxins released in the air from the exhaust gas and home furnaces. For example, there is a positive trend towards reduction of sulfur dioxide. Yet the amount of harmful micro-particles, suspensions, lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases and allergies, and ozone remain safe for life.

The average life expectancy of a European down for 8 months due to poor air quality. Particularly alarming situation with the state of the air in Poland and in other industrial regions of Eastern Europe. British capital is also higher than normal day to clean urban air of any European city. Ozone pollution is most marked in the Mediterranean, since ozone production requires a lot of sunlight.
In addition to the negative impact on the health of the dirty air pulls from the budget of up to $ 1 trillion per year, which goes to health care, not to mention the damage is applied to the environment and ecosystems. In fact, after the complex chemical reactions harmful substances from the air into the water and the land on which to grow food later. But if you can cope with pollution, the Europeans from several countries will be able to survive for at least 22 months, more than now.

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