European breakthrough Marussia Motors

The company Marussia Motors has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the auto assembly plant Valmet Automotive. The goal of this collaboration — the organization build Russian supercar Marussia B2 at the facilities of the plant in Finland.

President of Marussia Motors Nikolay Fomenko "For the first time in the history of the car, fully developed by Russian designers and designers, will be produced in Europe. Over many years we have become accustomed to the reverse situation, when in Russia are only a screwdriver manufacturing world auto giants, and the domestic auto industry is "overboard." Now we have a real chance to break that stereotype and prove to the world that the Russian cars can compete with the world’s leading brands. Valmet Automotive — car assembly enterprise-class. Not for nothing they trust the assembly of the cars grandees of world auto industry. I’m sure the cars will be the first sign of Marussia advance to the West Russian design and technology."

Cooperation with Valmet Automotive will allow the company Marussia Motors to obtain a number of competitive advantages in the European and world markets. By reducing the costs of Marussia Motors will be much closer to our European customers. In 2011, Valmet Automotive engineers together with experts Marussia Motors engaged in an adaptation of the technical documentation and the development of the final assembly technology of our cars in Finland. Start of production is planned for late 2012. The initial phase is planned for the assembly of kits of sending a Moscow factory Marussia Motors, where the pilot production company, design and design company. The planned volume of production to 1,500 cars a year.

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