Europeans will come to the Internet through the Russian satellite

The Russian state satellite operator Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Satellite Communications" (RSCC) and the largest European operator Eutelsat Communications signed a contract for the use of Russian satellites. During the 15 years of broadcasting and IP-based services Eutelsat will provide two satellites RSCC, to be launched in 2013 and 2015. The total contract value is approximately EUR 300 million.

  Told journalists RSCC Director General Yuri Prokhorov, the development plan includes a group of companies to launch two new satellites. "Express-AT2" is scheduled to launch in late 2013. at the orbital position of 140 degrees east longitude. Its use will begin in early 2014.

  Operation of the satellite will allow more than 2-fold increase capacity Ku-band satellite broadcasting streaming video with the key in the Russian Far East.

  The second satellite — "Express AMU1" — to be launched in the IV quarter of 2015. at the orbital position of 36 degrees East longitude. According Yu.Prohorova until the end of 2012. RSCC is going to hold a competition for the creation of the satellite, the tender documentation has already been prepared. Creating such a device takes 30-32 months.

  "Express AMU1" heavy spacecraft (up to 70 transonderov), will provide coverage of the European part of Russia in the Ku-and Ka-band, as well as the continuity and further development of satellite communications services on the African continent south of the Sahara. The device will turn the broadcast infrastructure from the point of 36 degrees east longitude in a wider framework, which will provide more services to broadcasting and IP-based applications. In Russia, more than 11 million direct TV reception antennas tuned to this point broadcasting.

  Today, RSCC and the company "Intersputnik Holding", a subsidiary of the International Organization of Space Communications "Intersputnik" (MOX "Intersputnik"), have signed a cooperation agreement, under which the company intends to implement a joint action on the provision of domestic and foreign users of the resource satellites " Express. "

  RSCC and "Intersputnik Holding" already have successful experience in the implementation of joint projects. In 2011. Company "Isatel", part of the "Intersputnik Holding", under the control of the RSCC has participated in the creation of the communications infrastructure in the archipelago of Svalbard under the subprogram "Development and use of the Arctic" Federal Program "World Ocean". The state customer of the project by the Federal Communications Agency. Russian users in Svalbard have access to the most advanced set of digital television, mobile and broadband Internet access.

  "We are pleased with the cooperation of MOX" Intersputnik "our strategic partner in many projects in various regions of the world has been for 40 years. Opportunities promising RSCC satellites, scheduled for launch in 2013 and 2014., Provide a unique opportunity for operators to work to new regional markets, and providing popular services of satellite broadband in Russia and the world. practical experience in implementing similar projects, which has a group of operators’ Intersputnik Holding "is our serious additional competitive advantage," — said Yu.Prohorov Read more:…s/01/11/2012/823045.shtml 

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