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The largest pharmaceutical company in Russia, the company "Evalar" started out from scratch, and now has become a real pharmacological empire with an annual turnover of more than 5 billion rubles. This was achieved in 20 years — at the end of last year the company celebrated the anniversary. Now one in four dietary supplements sold in Russia is produced in Biysk, Altai Krai.

Larissa Prokopieva, CEO "Evalar": "A total of 12 people have created in the early 90’s a small company — and now we are over a thousand people." Alexander Zharkov, CEO FNPC "Altai", "No outside help in the development was not — all on self-development. Volumes began with hundreds of thousands of rubles, then went to millions, then doubling, and as a result of dozens of joint-stock companies in Biisk, which 90 years looking for the direction, "Evalar" reached the greatest heights. Today, it occupies about 25% of the pharmaceutical market of dietary supplements. high-tech products, competitive. meets all international standards GMP. This is acknowledged by the Russian and the international community. " In the "Evalar" reasons for success is simple: own raw materials base, fully automated production, modern laboratories, qualified staff. Pharmaceutical manufacturing a full cycle — from growing herbs to manufacture drugs — created "Evalar" for the first time in Russia. Grown on plantations of 30 species of medicinal herbs: motherwort, red clover, Leuzea, and in the highlands — rare species of wild plants.

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Love Kalachikova, head of the development of nutritional supplements: "In the heart of Asia, the Altai mountain range on one side and Tibet on the other — there is much we are not different. Use the same herbs that Tibetan medicine." Everyday life of the plant Delicate spicy scent of herbs on all floors. In the offices of specialists shelves with colorful pyramids of boxes, inside white and light green building and green. It looks like a traditional office, but the organization of secrecy impressive. Everywhere cameras, strict access control. Each employee signs a contract prohibiting him to disclose information related to the job. It is a necessity — competition in the pharmaceutical industry is very high. Experts’ Evalar "are now developing at least five drugs from the Altai endemics, and it’s about the absolute uniqueness. This did not produce any Russian or in the world for medical properties of plants of the Altai are not yet open. What sort of plant? As long as you do not say, modern work — a trade secret. However, we can estimate the level of developed drugs, compared with already held a discovery — that a few years ago was the red square, open to the medicine that is in the "Evalar." "The red square plus", according to the company, today is the first medication of the relict of the Altai Mountains. "The drug shows greater efficiency than previously primenyaevshiesya — explain in the Department of Drug Registration — otherwise it was not possible to register as a drug, because less effective or similar drugs to register does not make sense." First, the drug comes in the form of Badal, and today he is registered as a medicine. It’s already beaten path for drug registration. So, in 2011, released the two preparations. One of them is a vegetable generics. Second — spray "Akvamaster." Both were Badami, now have permanent status of the drug. The company is ready to register as a drug "Glycine Forte" — the man with which the high-profile trial in FAS: advertising the drug gave the impression that this drug, although at present, "Glycine Forte" — a dietary supplement. On the "Evalar" remember writing that came out of Germany: the man lived in the Altai region, and was treated with red root, helped. He arrived in Germany, began to search for pharmacies — not for sale! The next visit to the Altai purchased medicine — and sent thanks. Such reviews inspire not only developers, but also distributors: in the near future "Evalar" plans to expand into international markets. Exports are well underway in the neighboring countries, former Soviet republics, now the target — foreign countries. Countries in which the drug company to appear in the first place — Germany, USA. Even during the construction of the plant in 2002, the company has been equipped according to international standards GMP — for the first time in Russia. Now they say that Larissa Prokopieva them to predict, for now, these standards are officially operating in our country.

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Dmitry Belousov, executive director of the "Altai biopharmaceutical cluster": "Evalar" is part of the "Altai biopharmaceutical cluster," is one of the core members of the partnership. It was his sales volumes mainly provide indicators of the cluster. In addition, the co-promotion of brands "Evalar" AltayBio and gives a synergistic effect. About "Evalar" must necessarily say that the company has chosen the right strategy for commercialization: the drug enters the market as a dietary supplement, reaches a certain degree of commercial maturity, and then registered as a drug. Already familiar to consumers, earning the trust. In the State Duma deputy Alexander Prokopiev passed, the development director of "Evalar." We put forward his candidacy to gain support in the interests of the pharmaceutical industry. A colleague Alexander Prokopieva by the State Duma deputy from the Tomsk region Lyudmila Ogorodova, already successfully promotes the idea of creating a technological platform "Medicine of the Future." Complied with the four principles Tatiana Zelenin, head of the food processing and pharmaceutical industry of the Altai Territory: What can "Evalar" steadfastly maintain its position in the Russian market, to go with their product to other countries? First, it is the quality: the company has implemented the international standards GMP. Second — naturalness used in the manufacture of dietary supplements and medicines raw materials — only from environmentally friendly raw materials and components. Third — Present. Not for a minute, even for a day, the company does not stop the research in its own laboratories, laboratories involved, and this is very important. The fourth critical success factor is the availability of drugs. Accounting for the proportion of price and quality, "Evalar" tends to keep it accessible to the population of the region and Russia. And the observance of these four criteria allows you to "Evalar" be ahead. Registration takes up to eight years Tatiana Bogdanova, head of medicines registration of pharmaceutical company "Evalar": the criteria necessary to become drug medicine — clinically proven effectiveness. Clinics where studies are always different. We can use only those clinics that have been registered in the Ministry of Public Health, they are recertified. When it comes to original formulations of our unique raw material, which no one has ever worked in my life, which is not included in any pharmacopoeia, of course, necessary to carry out a full cycle of pre-clinical and clinical studies. Initially, studies on animals. For herbal preparations, unique, registration — the most difficult stage, the most expensive. And for a long time — for registration of one such medicine can take up to eight years. In Moscow "Evalar" has a network of six in-house pharmacies.

"Evalar" — one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Russia, the absolute leader in the country in terms of production of natural products for the preservation and promotion of health.

The main activities — the development and production of natural medicines and dietary supplements, as well as the development of the pharmacy network "Evalar."

"Evalar" — winner of the title of "number one brand in Russia", she was three times awarded the National Prize "The idea of health" as "Best Producer of the Year" among Russian and foreign companies producing natural products (dietary supplements), and has earned numerous other awards and premiums.

In the product portfolio "Evalar" of about 150 names of medicines and dietary supplements of various dosage forms: tablets, capsules, tinctures, drops, water soluble sachet drinks, teas in tea bags, oils, cosmetics in the box.

All "Evalar" is made on the basis of natural raw materials of vegetable, animal and mineral origin. The share of drugs in the line "Evalar" constantly increases due to the original drugs with a strong clinical efficacy. "Evalar" for the first time in Russia implemented in practice, international experience of creating a full production cycle within an enterprise, from the cultivation of medicinal herbs and their extracts processing to packaging of finished products.

All the facilities, equipment and processes in the company "Evalar" fully comply with international quality standards GMP, licensing requirements and conditions. "Evalar" is a member of the industry organization "NGO" Manufacturers of dietary supplements to food, medical and preventive nutrition "

The main products of — the medicines Supplements different release forms: natural raw vegetable, mineral or animal origin: tablets, capsules, tinctures, drops, sachets soluble drinks, teas filter bags, oils, cosmetic preparations in tubes. "Evalar" issues such as the names of their products "Bilberry-forte", "Hawthorn Evalar forte", "Ateroklefit", "Ovesol", "Gepatrin", "Endocrinol", "Pustyrnik Forte", "Ginkgo biloba", "Turboslim" "Fitolaks" and so on more than 150 items. 















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