Evraz ZSMK commissioned a drawing machine for the development of a new type of reinforcement

Steel "Evraz ZSMK" (Kemerovo Region), 26 September commissioned a drawing machine for the development of a new type of valve capacity of 20 thousand tons per year.

Thus, Works started developing a new product — cold-welding fittings periodic profile with a diameter of 5 to 9 mm with normalized yield strength of at least 500 N/mm2 — class B500C.

Drawing a carbide reinforcement tapes for high profile accuracy and significantly improves the mechanical, technological and operational properties of the new products.

Rebar class B500C is widely used in Russia and abroad in the manufacture of welded reinforcing mesh, and cages. The tripartite periodic profile of the European type Kari provides sufficient conditions for adhesion to concrete, and the mass fraction of carbon / no more than 0.22 percent / — high weldability of steel. The high level of strength allows it together or replace expensive alloy fittings classes A3 / A400 / and A500S. Fittings B500C not only durable, but also flexible, so it is often used in earthquake zones. Delivery in coils winding row virtually eliminates waste in procurement operations and allows to mechanize the production of welded reinforcing mesh, and cages.

"Eurasia Joint West Siberian Metallurgical Plant" from July 1, 2011 Evraz has combined two plants in the Kemerovo region — ZSMK and NKMK.

Evraz — One of the largest vertically-integrated steel, mining and vanadium business with operations in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Italy and South Africa. In terms of production of steel in 2011, the company among the top 20 largest steel companies in the world. In 2011, the company sold 15.5 million tons of steel products. Mining segment in the internal consumption of iron ore and coking coal. Evraz’s consolidated revenues for 2011 amounted to $ 16.4 billion, EBITDA — 2,898 billion.

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