Evraz ZSMK completed overhaul of blast furnace number 1

Eurasia ZSMK complete overhaul III-th digit of blast furnace number 1. In the framework was replaced rotary feeder, head pulleys, refurbished equipment and metal structures of the two stoves. Also repaired equipment and metal structures on the site shihtopodachi: hoppers, belt conveyors, cutting ditches and air.

Much attention is paid to the environmental component of the project. At the central station exhaust blast furnace number one audited smoke exhausts, smoke exhausts repaired motors, electrostatic elements.

As the head of blast furnace Evraz ZSMK Leonid Portnoy made the event will increase the efficiency and reliability of the unit, and work on the central station and the exhaust section shihtopodachi significantly reduce the impact of the domain on the environment and improve working conditions in the workplace.

Overhaul III-th digit of blast furnace is carried out once every three years. In 2014, scheduled for this type of repair on the remaining blast furnaces Evraz ZSMK — № 2 and number 3.

In 2007, Evraz conducted a large-scale reconstruction of blast furnace number 1 Evraz ZSMK. In the course of the old furnace was completely dismantled, carried out installation of new housing and equipment. Today, thanks to the implementation of all the technical and technological solutions serving oven is one of the most modern blast units in Russia.

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