Evrodon announced the beginning of the project to create in the Rostov region of production of duck meat with a total investment of 5 billion rubles

GC "Evrodon" (Rostov region). Announced the start of construction project in the area in Millerovskiy complex for the production and processing of meat duck with a total investment of 5 billion rubles. The press service of the company.

According to the report, the company is implementing the project "Donstar", part of the Civil Code. Construction of facilities of the enterprise will the company "Irdon." Project is financed by the Agricultural Bank.

According to the press service capacity of the plant in the first phase will be 20 thousand tons of meat per year. The plant will create 800 jobs. The structure of the future complex will include a hatchery, parent stock for the production of hatching eggs, poultry production areas, feed mill and elevator, meat processing plant, plant litter and other industrial facilities.

At the first stage, the company will focus on the delivery of products to Moscow and other large cities of Central Russia. "We intend to revive Russia duck meat production on an industrial scale. Within a year and a half we want to increase the range of products and supply to national chains have two products: the turkey and duck. With the successful implementation of the project, we can significantly reduce the proportion of imported frozen products on the Russian market by offering consumers a higher quality chilled product, "- said the head of the Civil Vadim Van.

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