Evrodon company launched the production of duck meat in Millerovskiy district of Rostov region

Company "Donstar" (part of the group of companies "Evrodon") has launched the production of duck meat in Millerovskiy district of Rostov region worth 5 billion rubles. Now the work of running a complex RM-1 (replacements) in November 2012. "Donstar" plans to activate another platform — the RM-2, 5 km from the RM-1, and in January 2013. plans to launch the RM-3.

Ducklings arrived in Rostov-on-Don on September 14 late in the evening. To get them to sleep in their new home — modern automated complex — and thus give a start to exascale project.

Flights from France to refuel in Budapest, 250 km long road (duck with threatening life of the tube on the M-4) of the Rostov region in Millerovskiy ducklings moved well. From Rostov airport, accompanied by traffic police patrol cars on poultry breeding facility ducklings were traveling in a specially equipped car company "Donstar" that their arrival branded and equipped with modern technology for the transport of poultry — with the support of the required temperature, ventilation, humidification of air and regular reports in the cab all the details being kids.

As soon as they were released in a specially prepared blocks, they noisily began to develop large poultry houses (almost the size of two football fields each!).
From  11400  ducklings 2100 Goals — alchiks m, 9300 — Girls. In February, they will begin to lay eggs.
Shells are fully mechanized and automated: computer system monitors the air temperature, humidity, presence of water and feed, poultry diet compliance.

 At the site — a boiler-house with two boilers (in case of interruption to work standby diesel generator for electrical supply). For heating poultry houses used American-made gas equipment (technology has long been used in the production of "Evrodon").
Serves production of several people with higher education.
New complexes of "Donstar" are different and the highest level of biosafety. People come here only to clothing, gloves and safety shoes, certainly after the shower.

In November, the company plans to launch another site rearing (RM-2) near the rural settlement in Krivoy Rog 5 km from the RM-1.

Launching the second phase at the site of RM-2 will settle this year 23 thousands of birds. And in January 2013, is planned to launch the RM-3. In parallel, there is a preparation for the launch pad breeder (PC-1). There is a construction of a hatchery 20 million hatching eggs per year.  
In mid-2013 open area of growing commercial herd ducks.

At the first stage, the total output will be 20 thousands of tons of duck meat,  followed by the second stage of the project will grow to 40 tysyachtonn meat. It is built modularly, like turkey production — from egg to processing — the complex.

— I believe in duck more than a turkey, — says the head of the GC "Evrodon" (part of the company "Donstar") Vadim Van. — I know that every family has utyatnitsu, it’s time to get out of their closets and diversify the dining table useful duck meat — while on the territory of Russia, then in the CIS. "
The total investment of the project —5 billion rubles. Project is financed by JSC "Russian Agricultural Bank".

The project to build a complex for commercial cultivation and processing of duck meat sells in Millerovskiy district of Rostov region the company "Donstar", part of the group of companies "Evrodon." The project involves the construction of: hatchery more than 60 poultry buildings, Poultry Processing Plant, feed mill and elevator, processing plant litter and other industrial facilities that will be part of a single cluster of agriculture.
The use of a white cross Peking duck will allow the company "Donstar" on an industrial scale to produce consistently high quality product with low fat and one of the most nutritionally balanced, micronutrient and vitamin content.

In parallel, there is a preparation for the launch pad PC-1 (parent stock). In addition, the construction of the hatchery of 20 million eggs per year. In the middle of 2013., According to the plan, the open area of growing commercial herd ducks. In May, 2013., Is expected to start production. In the first stage production of 20 tons of duck meat in a year, and then — 40 tons GC "Evrodon" created in 2003., Is engaged in the production and processing of meat turkey. Products are manufactured under the brand name "Indolina."

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