EW RVSN units receive the latest facilities

In 2013, the Strategic Missile Forces plan to finish upgrading to the newest electronic warfare units of mixed-use radio monitoring and direction finding of suppression.

First of all modern appliances provide links to rearm missile system "Yars".

Currently, the Strategic Missile Forces received 8 complexes "Judoka" and about 40 systems "Lorand."  

Unlike radio stations control and intelligence, who were armed with electronic warfare units to the end of 2012, the newest systems allow you to perform the functions of detection, direction finding and radio-electronic suppression of the enemy in the automatic mode with higher speed and precision.

First of all, the newest systems are designed to analyze and assess the electromagnetic environment, finding sources of unintentional interference, assess the security of objects of information leakage through technical channels, and monitoring the implementation of measures for the protection of radio and electronic intelligence.

"These complexes are capable of searching by frequency to detect and measure the parameters of the signals, but most importantly — pelengovat and recorded with reference to the coordinates of the area," — said the chief of electronic warfare, Colonel Andrei Schurov.

Education experts EW SRF, new operating systems, organized on the basis of academic training troops EW Armed Forces.

The result was the development of new complexes contest conducted by 4 GTSMP (Kapustin Yar, Astrakhan Oblast) of payments and electronic warfare specialists, which have been worked out new forms and methods of complex technical control.

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