Example of opening their own production villagers

Zonova — big, beautiful, strong village. In today’s environment, and there is acute problem of employment, and to solve it is not so easy. But zonovtsev leaves no desire to live with dignity, to keep pace with the times.

Where, for example, intra-regional company to take on the production of plastic windows, everything you need for this knowledge-based manufacturing? Yes, even the very idea of such a business? And there is such a company.

Vyacheslav G. Evdokimov said that he had only a performer, shop worker and supervisor — son, Ivan V.. He worked a few years ago on one of the Tyumen enterprises for the production of plastic windows. He started zamerschik — became head of production. In a short time received all the necessary skills.

His first shop opened in Tyumen in early 2007. Son Eugene also trained the entire production process. My father worked with him, carrying out orders. Ivan V. as organizer and manager, took over the duties of the director. His wife, Natalia, is accounting. The case has gone. Orders are delivered to the front of the Tyumen region. Undermining of money — opened an office in the northern village of Poikovskii. There’s family firm is the youngest of the brothers — Alex. The number of orders has increased. Then the family council discussed the whereabouts of another plant for the production of plastic windows. Tyumen — the center of the field, the manufacturers of the component parts are there. Also shop for everything in the new location will need funds. All of these arguments could not outweigh the one — the house. A drive from Tyumen window or mesons, the essential difference. Last year, built his own shop in the village. Transported equipment. The seventh of April was the first order of Tyumen.

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