Excess wind energy to be stored in liquid form

Excess wind energy to be stored in liquid form Facts

As reported by the London organization of mechanical engineers, now do not have to use a special battery and hydrogen to store excess wind energy, obtained by wind farms. This function will perform liquid air.

The principle of operation of the new opening will be next. Electricity produced at night, for example, wind farms in Tehachapi California, will translate the cool air in a special cryogenic low-temperature state in adapted for the vacuum vessel. Once the windmill will need more energy to continue, liquid cold air will be heated and fed into the turbine.
For turning air into the liquid holding the energy from it will pump out CO2 and water vapor, the substance does not turn to ice. Become gaseous, liquid air will cause the turbine to move. It is estimated that this mechanism is able to achieve efficiency of 70%. Traditional batteries have efficiencies up to 80%. A small percentage of losses, and "delayed" if stored energy can be "timely" in the most peak torque of the turbine, for example, when natural wind stopped blowing.

Wind farm in Tehachapi, California, Western Mojave Desert.

On wind farm in Tehachapi runs about 5 000 000 turbines, making it the second largest farm in California after the farm on Altamont Pass in the San Francisco Bay.

Together, Tehachapi turbines produce 800 million kilowatt / hours of electricity, enough to supply 350,000 people for a year.

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