Exclusive wicker furniture — the only province in the production of

And it makes one master. Of bird cherry twigs it creates real masterpieces, behind which is a queue.

Elegant wicker furniture Gennady makes literally on the knee. All production is in this chopped hut, built without a single nail. Her village called office. Here, a minimum set of tools for working with wood, and most importantly — hands and knees.

"And I feel the knee, where feasibly squeeze on piece of wood does not feel the same, and I feel that somewhere wood upruzhe somewhere pliable"

Basic material — bird cherry twig. His Gennady harvests in the autumn, when the tree holds in all the juices. Then, the rod must be cleaned of bark, bend and put on special balls. From bird-cherry chips in the office smell amazing. Looking at the master, it seems that everything is easy, but when he take up an instrument, you realize that this is a serious science. Then the rods are dried and sealed with nails. On the seat is only cedar or pine. Here they are — ready chairs, tables and even small sofas.

Vyacheslav Vlasenko: "Product from the master light as air, yet very durable. Such a chair and will serve 50 and 70 years old. Only thing he was afraid of — it’s wet. But if the product is not wet, then it will not drift"

Gennady this skill learned from his older brother when he returned from the army. Almost all his life furniture made just for themselves, but when he retired, some free time — went to work and made to order. He even has his marketing moves, chief among them — exclusivity.

Gennady Kucher: "Modern people want to have something that others do not. This is just so I know. Present a gift for a birthday or a housewarming party. In the shop you can buy everything, but it is a neighbor, it is no surprise no one. And I’d rather sell something that no one else "

For handmade furniture Gennady takes inexpensive. If you work hard, then a month, then the maximum is the same as a pension. But the products he does not want to put the flow and resellers always fails. After all, here in every subject not only a lot of work, but also a part of the soul master.

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