Exhibition lighting solutions Light + Building Frankfurt 2012

From 15 to 20 April 2012 in Frankfurt-am-Main, the regular large-scale exhibition Light + Building.

Light + Building Exhibition 2012 — is the largest event in the field of lighting solutions and lighting design. This year the exhibition was attended by over 183,000 visitors who got acquainted with 2,100 exhibitors from around the world.

2012 was the extravaganza of LED lighting in the exhibition. A variety of options for making the original lamps and lighting fixtures for architectural and interior lighting provided global LED market leaders such as OSRAM, NICHIA, Toshiba, Samsung, CREE, LG and many others.

And it was in 2012 in the exhibition for the first time took part in a large number of Russian companies that have submitted their original technological solutions



Non-profit partnership of LEDs and systems based on them NP MSS offered to its members to unite and jointly present their solutions at the show in Frankfurt.


Participants NP MSS housed on the bench with a catchy name on the fascia LED Russia and visible from a distance map of Russia. Quite aggressive color scheme of the stand immediately gave the visitors understand that even the Russian manufacturers of LED products are not yet world leaders, but they are ready to break into foreign markets.


Stand LED Russia joined the company from different parts of Russia: SvetLED (St. Petersburg), Intesso (Rostov-on-Don), modern lighting system (Moscow), fiber (Moscow), METTEM Lighting (Moscow).


In addition to the joint stand of the participants, the exhibition was attended by the company OptoGaN and Lighting Technologies, which presented their products at the individual sites.


The exhibition showed considerable interest in the companies of Russia, as well as the participants brought very specific proposals for dealing with foreign clients. Geography of communication and exchange of contacts literally swept the world — this is Europe, Central Asia, South and North America, Africa and even Australia.


The main outcome of the exhibition can be called that the global LED community were well represented Russian producers, technological solutions and real products that are already being implemented in Russia. The transition to modern lighting in our country is actively supported by government programs that encourage the development of reliable Russian manufacturers. These companies can produce the original energy-efficient solutions based on Russian designs, and private research facilities.



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