EXNESS become a party to the self-regulatory organization

non-commercial partnership "TSRFIN"

Ltd. "Eksness", part of the Civil EXNESS, announces joining the SRO NP "Center regulation of OTC financial instruments and technologies." The event took place in December 2012.

EXNESS was declared a "Forex-A group companies" — a category that, according to the classification of "TSRFIN" is assigned to the largest and most reliable international brokers Forex.

Joining the ranks of SRO NP "TSRFIN" — an important event for the whole team EXNESS, which opens up new horizons in the development of the brokerage company. At the end of 2012 SRO NP "TSRFIN" has been awarded a contract with the Federal Service for Financial Markets, under which must be carried out scientific research dedicated to the development of guidelines for the dissemination of state supervision services market forex-brokers.

The execution of this work marks a new stage in the development of Russia’s forex-industry — namely, will begin the design and development of the legal framework for the regulation of trade in the foreign exchange market in the Russian Federation.

"For our company," TSRFIN "as a licensed broker once again confirms the desire of EXNESS facilitate the creation of regulated Forex in Russia, in which the work of traders will become more transparent and secure. Experts EXNESS can take an active part in the formulation of laws governing the Forex, which is important for our customers, who will get another proof of the broad capabilities of our company, "- commented a leading expert on public relations EXNESS, Alexander Kovalchuk.

Full details can be found at EXNESSwww.exness.com.

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