Expanded line of rollers for bulldozers CHETRA


Trading company "CHETRA — Accessories and spare parts" (CHETRA-KZCH) extends the range of spare parts for domestic bulldozers CHETRA CHETRA T11 and T35. 

At JSC "Cheboksary Aggregate Works" (JSC "PEA") mastered the production of rollers — A11-21 and A11-001SB-21-001-01SB for one of the most popular tractors of drawbar category average in Russia — CHETRA T11.

New models rollers are designed for light and medium duty vehicles. Due to the use of parts used at JSC "PEA" in the manufacture of rollers for bulldozers CTZ T-130 and T-170 and the use of high technology roller rinks managed to significantly reduce the price of new products. To achieve high technical and economic indicators of the bulldozer CHETRA T11 company CHETRA KZCH-advised to use the new rollers manufactured by JSC "PEA".

To meet the increased demand for road wheels for tractors CHETRA T35 production in addition to the release on "Promtractor" mastered at JSC "PEA". The enterprise has arranged production counterparts series models rollers T35-21-001-02/-03SB. Rapid introduction of rollers A35-21-001/-01SB was made possible by an established cooperation between the enterprises of the holding Machinery & Industrial Group NV
With the launch of new production facilities, disappeared scarce position rinks due to high demand for spare parts for bulldozers CHETRA T35.

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