Expanding network of mixed-use centers in Stavropol

Make a plot of land or an allowance for a large family. Several dozens of state and municipal services can now be accessed quickly and efficiently. In Stavropol opened another multi-purpose center.
Photo source:stavinform.ru

Such a center two weeks ago, has already earned in the October district of the city. Their creation this year spent 71 million rubles.

Several movements with scissors — and a kind of window into Europe — now in the Leninsky district of Stavropol is open. And not one, but as much as 42. Each window of his room and consultant.

Photo source:stavinform.ru

City Manager Igor Bestuzhev decided to test the system for yourself.

Maintenance time per person — about 15 minutes. After all, everything you need nearby — Hi, windows advice, even children’s room. But the city manager is still failing.

"It’s very convenient. Problem one: if I put on my glasses, I would have clearly seen on what keys to press to me. Accordingly, the grandmother of 70 years if it will score with him, she will understand, "- said the head of the administration of Stavropol Igor Bestuzhev.

Even if you do not understand, it will certainly help. Finding your way around the center will help mnogofuknktsionalnom administrator. All stages of the design documents are very simple. And all is not normal, and the electronic.

Another center promises to open up and in the South West of town. But it has plans for the next year.

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