Expedition Hydrographic Service conducted a SF trip survey

depths of more than 2.7 million km

Expedition Hydrographic Service of the Northern Fleet (NF) conducted survey trip depths of more than 2, 7 thousand miles around the islands of the archipelago of Franz Josef Land.

So far, the bottom topography near the islands were poorly investigated, which greatly complicated the navigation in the area. The data obtained in the course of hydrographic work will allow for the adjustment of nautical charts and publications for swimming, which will greatly facilitate the provision of navigation of ships in the Arctic regions of the Arctic Ocean.
Expedition Hydrographic Service SF on the island of the archipelago of Franz Josef Land began on September 4 this year During this time, members of the expedition were examined 22 geodetic points and aids to navigation, site assessment conducted instrumental bottom topography, hydrology work, meteorological observations in the region of the islands of the archipelago.

Members of the expedition had commemorated the 100th anniversary of the campaign Georgy Sedov and the establishment of state sovereignty over the archipelago of Franz Josef Land, and visited the northernmost frontier outpost on the island of Alexandra Land. Press service of the Western Military District

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