Experiments planned for the Russian segment of the ISS

During the twenty-seventh of the Expedition will carry out experiments in a variety of fields, including natural sciences, life sciences, the study of Earth from space, explore the solar system and the formation and development of technology. Flight program includes measures to resupply the PC delivered equipment and the maintenance of health ISS.

Crystallizing dish Crystallization of biological macromolecules and getting biokristallicheskih films in microgravity

Plasma Crystal Investigation of plasma-dust crystals and fluids in microgravity

Relaxation The study of atmospheric optical phenomena on the orbital altitude and the re-enter the rarefied upper atmosphere

Hurricane Testing of hardware and controls the Earth’s surface

Splash Monitoring seismic effects — bursts of high-energy particles in near-Earth space

Molniya-Gamma The study of atmospheric gamma-ray bursts and optical radiation in conditions of thunderstorm activity

Radar-Progress Investigation of ground-based observations of reflection characteristics of plasma irregularities in the ionosphere generated by the on-board engines ship "Progress"

Microsatellite The study of physical processes in atmospheric lightning discharges on the basis of microsatellite "Chibis-M" with the ship "Progress"

Sonokard A comprehensive study of physiological functions during sleep during long-duration space flight

Interaction The control group of the crew during space flight

Typology The study of typological features of operator activity of the ISS crews on long-term space flight phases

Pnevmokard Study of the reactions of the cardiovascular system during adaptation to prolonged space flight

Octopus-2 The study of the dynamics of body composition and distribution of human body fluids in long-duration space flight

Poligen Identification of genotypic characteristics that determine individual differences in the stability of biological factors to long-duration space flight (research on the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster)

Biorisk Investigation of the influence of space environment on the state of the systems, "micro-substrates" in relation to the issue of environmental safety of space technology and planetary quarantine

Plants Study of the growth and development of higher plants in successive generations of higher plants in space flight

Microwave radiometry Investigation of the characteristics of the underlying surface, ocean and atmosphere

Mermaid Conducting experimental testing of the measurement procedure ISS carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere using a specialized hand-held camera

Seiner Experimental verification methods of interaction with the crew of the Russian segment of the fishing vessels in the search and development of the oil field and productive areas of the oceans

Econ Exploring the possibility of using the ISS RS for the environment in regions of different objects

BTN-Neutron The study of fast and thermal neutrons

Lactolen The impact of space flight on the producing strain lactolen

ARIL The impact of space flight factors on the expression of interleukin-producing strains 1?, 1?, Aryl

OChB The effect of a manual on producing strain of superoxide dismutase (SOD)

Biotrack Investigation of the influence of heavy streams of charged particles of cosmic radiation on the genetic properties of the producer cells BAS

Conjugation Testing the transfer of genetic material by bacterial conjugation

Biodegradation Evaluation of the initial stages of biodegradation and biodeterioration of surfaces of structural materials in space

Bioemulsiya The research and development of autonomous reactor closed for microbial biomass and biologically active substances without any additional ingredients and removal of metabolic products, the development on the basis of his new malostadiynyh and high-performance technologies for drugs

Cascade Investigation of the processes of various kinds of cell culture

Ginseng-2 Explore the possibility of increasing the biological activity of ginseng

Membrane Study opportunities fundamentally new porous materials with a regular structure for use as filters and membranes

Aseptic Development of methods and onboard technical means to ensure aseptic conditions of the BTH-experiments in space flight

BIF Study of the effects of space flight on the technological and biomedical characteristics of bifidobacteria

Bacteriophage Study of the effects of space flight on bacteriophages

Structure Getting high-quality protein crystals

Constant Studies on the effect of space flight on the activity of enzymes

Vector-T The study of high-precision motion prediction ISS

Bending The study on the effect of the operation on-board systems to the terms of the ISS

Identification Identification of sources of disturbances in violation of microgravity on the ISS

Breeze Testing of new technologies and equipment to optimize the parameters of the gaseous medium in the living compartments of the ISS RS

SLS Testing of laser communication system for the transmission of large amounts of information from the target equipment KTsN ISS RS

Wednesday ISS The study of the characteristics of the ISS as a medium for research

Circuit Development of the system supervisory control over the Internet robotic arm on the ISS

Viru Virtual Guide

Bar Working out the principles and methods of control places depressurization space station, the choice of circuit design and project image sensors

Range The exploration and use of global time signals from the ISS to refine the orbital motion

Matryoshka-R The study of the dynamics of the radiation situation on the flight path and in the compartments of the station and dose accumulation in the ball and anthropomorphic phantoms placed inside and on the outside of the station

MAI-75 Spacecraft and modern technology personal communications connection

Coulomb crystal The study of the dynamics of a system of charged particles in a magnetic field in microgravity

Shade Lighthouse Testing method of radio sounding sub-satellite space using a network of ground receivers

Great Start Popularization of the Russian manned space exploration

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