Experts Chelyabenergo gave new life koelga

Chelyabinsk Energy completed the first phase of the reconstruction of one of the oldest substations "koelga" in Etkulskom district area. Replacement of transformers and other equipment will cost the company more than 6 million rubles.

Substation "koelga" was put into operation in the middle of the last century. Transformer served on it for over 50 years — it was launched in 1951. At the moment, experts "ChelyabinskEnergo" replaced spent his life heart stations and other equipment. On the reconstruction of the substation power company planned to spend 6 million 450 thousand rubles.
Updated substation after a complete renovation can more reliably provide electricity to residents of three villages and JSC "Koelgamramor."

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MES West Siberia included in transit two 500 kV transmission line Surgut GRES-2 — Trachukovskaya and Trachukovskaya — Spray in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug — Yugra. Commissioning of the lines allowed the delivery of capacity to implement the Surgut GRES-2 under the new scheme, thus increasing the reliability of electricity supply in Nizhnevartovsk region.JSC "Koelgamramor."


"MES West Siberia strict deadlines fulfilled its obligations to build the energy infrastructure to ensure the power output circuit of the Surgut GRES-2, — says the head of the investment projects MES West Siberia Artem Iovenko. New power supply circuit allows all the equipment to be repaired without loss of power supply. "

Lines Surgut GRES-2 — Trachukovskaya (98.7 km) and Trachukovskaya — Spray (80.1 km) are formed by cutting the power line 500 kV Surgut GRES-2 — Spray. To ensure the inclusion of data to the operating voltage transmission lines at 500 kV Trachukovskaya 3 and 4, the cells were mounted switches 500 kV lines were built overhangs, works on installation of current transformers, voltage transformers, disconnectors, surge arresters.

Surgut GRES-2 — the largest thermal power plant in Russia. As of 2012, it is one of the largest thermal power plant in the world in the annual generation and the largest producer of electricity in Russia. The installed electric capacity of the Surgut GRES-2 is 5 597.1 MW of installed thermal capacity — 840 Gcal / h TPP works on natural and associated gas.


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