Experts from Vorkuta submitted builders new technology-based thermal insulation polyurethane foam.

At the last Moscow International Innovation Salon "Archimedes" Vorkuta specialists from the company "Innovative Technology" Northern Russia "presented a new method of insulation, designed for the theoretical extremes of temperature from -100 to +150 degrees.

Keep the heat in the residential, offices or industrial premises in two ways — not letting it out or not letting the cold in the street. The easiest way to make a thicker wall, even in the harsh winter, and they are thoroughly frozen. Moreover, this method is not suitable for thermal insulation of other objects, such as pipelines. This can make it difficult to fix and tighten them. After all repairers will first have to remove part of the "coat" to get to the damaged area, and then return it to its original state.

Engineers proposed to manufacture wall of impervious warm and cold air foam thickness of 30-50 mm. It is applied under pressure molded fiber-cement material thickness of 6.8 mm. And from above, in turn, cause high strength decorative paint color that the customer chooses or urban planner. Instead, the coverage is nothing to prevent use of granite or marble chips or artificial stone. Such a design team can be mounted on the walls of brick, concrete and wood.

According to this technology, you can insulate the building without evacuating residents and reconstruct old residential funds at minimal cost. In addition, the insulation system plays the role of anti-corrosion protection. With the use of new technology in the 2-3 times reduced heat loss and the same factor — the cost of heating. Can be reduced and the cost of construction of residential and office space by saving building materials. And reducing the thickness of the walls, the architects are enabled to increase the size of the premises.

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