Experts have begun to prepare for the launch of Soyuz-ST at the Kourou space center


On the equatorial launch site in Kourou, French Guiana, work began preparations for the first launch of the carrier rocket "Soyuz-ST" with the navigation spacecraft "Galileo M1," Roscosmos said on Wednesday.

"The launch of the carrier rocket" Soyuz-ST "with the spacecraft," Galileo M1 "is scheduled for October 20. Currently, the assembly and testing specialists of enterprises Roscosmos held electric and pneumatic vacuum test with the upper stage "Fregat", "- said in a statement.

The three-stage rocket "Soyuz-ST" is a modification of missiles of the "Soyuz", developed in the "Progress Samara Space Center" within the project launches from French Guiana. Currently, there are four Kourou "Soyuz-ST", which transported from Russia to French Guiana in 2009 and 2011.
In the spring of 2011 was successfully held ground qualification launch complex "Soyuz" to conduct a "dry removal" and the ceremony of transfer of the symbolic "keys" run away "Union" responsible operator — Arianspace.

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