Experts have released more than a million sturgeon fry into the main tributary of Lake Baikal

Experts’ Baykalrybvoda "completed planned for 2012 work on artificial reproduction of Baikal sturgeon, releasing a main tributary of the lake — Selenga River — more than a million young sturgeon, as reported on July 30 representative offices.

According to the representative office, in the nature of natural enemies in the Baikal sturgeon is not, and it is limited only by the number of man. Now Baikal sturgeon is listed in the Red Book and its fishing is prohibited.

Bona fide fishermen always catch an accidental release it at will, but poaching remains a serious problem.


Start of works: 

State task set output to one million young Baikal sturgeon 1.2 grams, in fact, a result of the release of the two parties in the Selenga River and Lake Baikal produced 1.082 million sturgeon fingerlings at 1.4 grams. If the present volume of artificial reproduction and the organization in the near future the effective protection of Baikal sturgeon in nature there is hope for the elimination of this valuable food for fish in the Red Book and its inclusion in the fishery in a few years.

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