Experts Katun Reserve regained weather station closed almost 80 years ago


Employees of the Katun Reserve in the Altai Mountains restored to the weather station observations of glacial areas, which was closed in 1935, said the reserve.

"In the Katun Reserve on the place of the closed nearly 80 years ago, the state weather station" Katun "is set at the foot of Belukha automatic meteopost. During a scientific expedition, which took place in the first half of July, the reserve staff have established the modern equipment that will automatically record the temperature and humidity and the amount of rainfall in the inaccessible mountainous area, "- said in a statement.

Environmentalists point out that, in this way, the history of meteorological observations resumed at the source of the Katun glacier and Gaebler. Automatic organization of modern meteoposta in place of the old weather station will receive the data needed for the study of glaciers and ecosystems Katun ridge.Meteopost purchased with support from the United Nations Development Programme — International Climate Initiative (UNDP-IPC) "Expanding the network of protected areas for the conservation of the Altai-Sayan ecoregion."

Weather Station "Katun" was one of the first, which were stationary hydro-meteorological observations in the glacier regions of the Altai Mountains. It was organized in 1932 under the participation of Soviet scientists in the work of the Second International Polar Year. At the time of the study were associated with a number of difficulties: helicopters, scientists did not have, and all transportation carried on horseback. Delivery of equipment and food for the long term become a very big problem. The weather station was set up at a distance from the glacier Gaebler (Katun) in the vicinity of the glacier to install it did not succeed due to the nature of the terrain and the haste with construction. Height weather station — about two thousand meters above sea level. Because of the remoteness of the area, in 1938 weather station "Katun" ceased to exist.

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