Export of grain in Russia was 20% more

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, there has been an increase in grain exports in the current year by twenty percent.

  • http://august.in.ua/sites/default/files/image/news/birzha_zerno_5.jpg
  • http://august.in.ua/sites/default/files/image/news/birzha_zerno_5.jpg

Now, its volumes are expressed in the number of 6,417,000 tons.

In the domestic market of Russia from 2 to 8 September in the European part of track trends, leading to a slight strengthening of the pricing policy for milling wheat third and fourth grade.

This is due to the advent of high export demand.

The rise in price of wheat 3rd grade is expressed at a rate of 0.8 percent, to 6,735 rubles per ton.

The price of wheat grade 4 increased by 0.3 percent and amounted to 6,296 rubles.

The cost of feed wheat fell by 0.1 percent, and now it is 5,681 rubles.

The Asian part of Russia during the cleaning company said reducing the cost of wheat 3rd and 4th graders at 2.8 percent, to 6,431 rubles and 6,005 rubles per tonne, respectively.

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