Exports of rapeseed from Ukraine will increase to 2,000,000 tons

Exports of canola from Ukraine in July 2013 reached 216 thousand tons compared to 49 tons in July 2012, a historic record for the month, and according to preliminary estimates, in August to reach 0.4-0.5 million tons .


Bearing in mind the significant increase in rapeseed production in the country in 2013/14 MY, the Ukrainians won the European markets aggressively, using the fact that the stocks of oilseeds in the EU were already scarce, and the new crop should be harvested much later than usual, writesoilworld.ru.

It is expected that the trend is to increase Ukrainian exports will gain momentum, and in July-June 2013/14 MG total exports of rapeseed from Ukraine will reach 2,000,000 tons, compared to last year’s figure of 1.27 million tonnes

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