Ðóíåò exposes Boston Performance

Ðóíåò exposes Boston "Performance"

The tragedy in the United States in the context of information warfare  




April 15 during the Boston Marathon two explosions that killed three and injured more than 180 people. The loss of life — it's always a tragedy and pain, especially for family and friends. Particularly strong pain of loss when the incident is not blind chance, but someone's evil intent, as in this case, in Boston.



The fact that the incident was a terrorist act — no one in doubt from the first seconds of the tragedy. The issue arose in relation to the other — who actually carried out this attack and who is behind it, ie, who is real and not appointed by artists and customers tragedy?

Someone, surely, is troubled like "cynical" approach to tragedy. However, it is to this approach pushes us analysis of the Western rulers and they control the world's media.

One may recall in this regard the Western media hype during the first Iraq war, when they started the day and night to replicate the testimony of some Kuwaiti girl about "atrocities" by Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait, "they allegedly carried out of the maternity ward of fifteen babies and put them to die on the concrete floor. Within forty days after these testimonies President Bush ten times returned to this theme in his speeches "(http://www.vrazvedka.ru/main/analytical/lekt-01_01.shtml). Later it turned out that the girl was the daughter of Kuwait's ambassador to the U.S., and its history is nothing more than fiction.


You can recall the staged videos "insurgent revolutionary masses" of Libya, which is actually filmed in the scenery in Qatar and more. I'm not talking about the events of 11.09.2001, which served as a starting point the military expansion of the empire of evil throughout the world.

That is, the question itself about the possibility of the use of certain forces in the U.S. and the West in general terrorist attack in Boston (next theatrical "spectacle") is quite rational, plausible and supported by empirical experience of information warfare and behavior of Western powers and the media during their meeting.

Moreover, that long-term "training" was not in vain. Many experts and bloggers after the first two days of the promotion of the plot and contour designation by the U.S. authorities the final version of what is happening (according to which a terrorist attack carried out two very successful in the United States Chechens, one of which has already received U.S. citizenship and attended an elite college, and the second is just getting citizenship USA), seriously doubted that assessment of what is happening, which began to impose on the rest of the world power and the American media.

It all started with an analysis of what began to happen with the victims after a terrorist attack, then — as the U.S. authorities on the trail of the "terrorists", then immediately followed by assessment of the actions of U.S. security officials.


Great-frame analysis of what is happening often made several bloggers.


I note only the most vivid and detailed publications on this topic:

April 20 Arguendi blogger in the article "Boston Rehearsal" (http://arguendi.livejournal.com/393103.html);

April 21 Patriotka blogger in the article "No matter what happens, the show must go on" (http://patriotka.livejournal.com/20756.html);

April 21 Fralik blogger in the article "The Boston Tea Party or the" whole world — theater '"(http://frallik.livejournal.com/527617.html);

Finally, the material that appeared on the site on April 21 "Earth. The Chronicles of Life "" "Boston attack," it — theater production "(http://earth-chronicles.ru/news/2013-04-21-42631).

Immediately began to emerge and inconsistencies official version of the facts.

First,comparison of impacts, and some of the wounds of victims of terrorist attacks in Russia and in Boston showed that U.S. authorities sounded an explosive device parameters do not correspond to what actually exploded.

Secondly,Why brothers Tsarnaevy after robbing the store of a terrorist attack, then kill a police officer, and then steal the car and tell the driver that it is they committed a terrorist act on the Boston Marathon, while the logic of terrorist behavior suggests that they lie at the bottom for a long time?

Third,why American security officials after the arrests had been killed a senior Tsarnaev (second official version — on the machine moved younger brother), although the Internet (but not on the official websites of American television) video recording is available, where it completely naked and with no resistance thrown into a police car ? Wounds he had no no. And how this contrasts with his posthumous photograph (http://earth-chronicles.ru/news/2013-04-21-42631).

Fourth,why the event was smoothly operating and cooperating with police and the FBI squad of fighters from the famous private military companies (PMCs) Craft International, whose leader, the best American sniper in history, Chris Kyle, was recently shot and killed? Is it possible that because of the employment contracts between the two leading U.S. PMCs Xe Services LLC (formerly Blackwater) and Craft International conflict broke out that someone decided to exploit with human lives in Boston?

Fifth,puzzling nature of the military operation, which had U.S. authorities under the pretext of searching for terrorists in Boston. The city was closed, the movement on it is forbidden, all the people trapped in homes. Even in New York City in 2001, there were no such measures, although the scale of the terrorist attack on the orders of the superior to the current one. One gets the feeling that, under the pretext of searching for a single terrorist, U.S. officials worked through very different issues, such as the implementation of the U.S. military operation to capture the city and holding it sweeps. Especially, the doctrine of a similar nature, just not as large-scale (maximum of one to two quarters), the United States has repeatedly carried out.

Will focus only on these five points, which lists the most egregious flaws and the official version of what happened on the real streets of Boston. Many other questions and inconsistencies readers can add themselves, including, and based on the material presented above.


After this volley of information when you do not notice the contradictions of the official version of the U.S. authorities had been more impossible tightened and more reputable publications.


For example, the Internet newspaper "Sight on April 22 published an interview (http://www.vz.ru/society/2013/4/22/629759.html) With the vice-president of the International Association of Veterans of anti-terror "Alpha" Alexey Filatov, in which he, perhaps, in a more gentle manner, but, in fact, repeated all the main issues, arguments and conclusions in respect of the blogosphere Runet arranged performances in Boston .

Leaving aside out of the equation as the question as to who and what forces were behind the terrorist attack and on what goals he pursued (yet too early to draw definitive conclusions can only sketch out some possible scenarios for promotion of the show, depending on the players who will risk the consequences of using it for their own purposes), you can still make the main conclusion regarding the reflection of another dirty American history in RuNet.

First,Unlike 11.09.2001, RUnet responded quickly enough to the occurred in Boston and was able to self-staging, the efforts of various bloggers and experts to obtain sufficiently plausible picture of what is happening. Not only is almost second by second and minute by minute to figure out what just happened on the scene of the explosion and in the first hours after it, but having isolated the main actors who could be behind this crime.

In this regard, the reaction is highly indicative of Obama, who very carefully assessed what happened in Boston. Rather, for this reaction lies the fact that for some reason Obama saw that the attack is directed against him personally and against his policies in the Middle East, as well as attempts at rapprochement with Russia.

Such "black mark". It's the same scenario. In another scenario, this course will serve as a closer US-Russian cooperation in the fight against terrorism against Muslim radicals.

Secondly,all the versions are very close and in the same vein: brothers Tsarnaevy — dummy, the real criminals are not caught. Alternative strong and detailed sound versions of the liberal-marsh segment Runeta not put forward. This suggests that there is no version of funders and pro-Western opposition. All that they have — it's contradictory official version.

Third,Owing to the existing and living by their own laws community, representatives of the Russian state is now easy enough to fend off all the possible moves of the opponents of Russia, as main counterarguments were worked online community.

Fourth, This situation is very vividly demonstrated the importance of civil society(Part of which is RUnet), especially in cases where the state and it is the civil society form a whole and see the same goals and objectives of struggle and development. While the state machine spun, the more that he forged a certain politeness, RUnet issued on the mountain a lot of scripts, textures and conclusions. You can take longer semi-finished raw news, days sifting out of it right, and unnecessary, and almost ready news and analytical products, good people write very skilled in their fields.

Fifth,for the first time truly earned the Russian information machine. First, the blogosphere, then major online publication. That is, Ðóíåò under control.


It remains to transfer this matrix on the print media and the main television channels to take the information space of a Eurasian Union on these issues at a sufficiently tight control and prevent the penetration of the virus into the information system.


Then it will be possible to think about the work of the global information space, as undoubted success of «Russia Today» confrontation in the information that is acknowledged even by a long and bitter enemies of Russia, it is necessary to develop and retain. That is, the transition to the development of the European and global information space — these are tasks that must set ourselves Eurasian RUnet.


Yuri Little Sheep — head of information-analytical portal "Empire", the executive secretary of the International Movement of "International Russia" ONF, PhD


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