Exposition complex VIRTUAL MUSEUM

In the "virtual museum" implement the following concept: a special computer-controlled equipment stereoscopic projectors and plasma displays) creates on the walls, floor and ceiling of one or several "rooms" a kind of "virtual space of" inside of which it is a realistic way to "move" the museum visitors . Exhibits of a museum mozhdet be anything, ranging from technical models of the weapons or equipment of any era, to as much as battlefields, and, unlike traditional museums, "artifacts" appear in both statics and dynamics, with the most spectacular angles, audiences are in the thick of things, literally "diving" into what is happening on the screen. Size, number and location of ekranoov themselves in different "rooms" of the museum is different (as well as the configuration screens), to more faithfully recreate a particular situation.

Here is an example of an 8-nasal "virtual museums":

1) GATEWAY — through it is in / out of a virtual museum visitors.
2) CORRIDOR — connects all the rooms of the museum.
3) STEREORAMA — hall with a panoramic screen, the largest and roomy.
4) Twisting — a circular room with a panoramic screen.
5) GALLERY — a virtual art gallery.
6) METRO — virtual ransportnoe tool like a subway car or lorry body.
7) CAPSULE — virtual cabin "of flying-swimming-ezdilnogo apparatus."
8) LIFT — virtual elevator for vertical "movement."

Each "room" exhibition complex — is developed by our company, "virtual reality ride." "Capsule" — the first "serial" attraction of a "lineup" and the most simple: first, he was "single-screen" and is quite small, and secondly, it just "sit-down" of the place, and the main idea of our "amusement "- viewers to freely" float "inside of a virtual space created on the walls, floor and ceiling" halls "stereoscopic projectors. Essentially a "capsule" is simply one of the "rooms" multiplex "amusement."

One version of "capsules" — Room "Frontline agitavtobus" one of the "virtual museums" (planned to stay in the Central Museum of the Armed Forces, but, as is usually the case with public institutions, for there was no virtual exhibition space):


Design "Agitavtobusa" styled cabin on the basis of the real bus ZIS-6, which is widely used in the war (though the design is not final, all subsequent "Agitavtobusov" will have its own individual characteristics :)).

A short video of "Agitavtobusa":


Depending on available space of the private rooms, "amusement", like bricks, going to the "optimal" in this particular case "configuration".

For example, this (version of "Virtual Museum", located in the premises 3.5h14 meters):

Already familiar to you "front AGITAVTOBUS" not only placed in a free-standing "Capsule", and in the room:

Hall "Diorama":

Hall "PLANE":

In principle, the apparent need for "Airplane" is not present, with its mission successfully cope "Agitavtobus," but the presence of more than one room for 12-16 people significantly increases the capacity of the complex, and, consequently, the income from its operation.

By the way, about the "virtual museum", or rather, one of the realizations of one of its rooms. Sam "zalchik" is called the "Battle sheet" and is used to "lure" visitors to another attraction — "Frontline agitavtobus," such as a "virtual billboard":

Stereoplazme turns on "propaganda stereorolik" give passers-shutter glasses to view it. Immediately arrange for the sale of the printed version of the "Battle sheet" with anaglyph anaglyph stereo image and the same points:

In principle, the "Battle leaf" quite well and can be used alone, without the "Agitavtobusa."

By the way, tickets to the "Virtual Museum" in the form of a subpoena or regulations:


One of the halls of the Navy of the virtual museum will look like this:

One of the "rooms" cinema "Gangut" would look like:

The large pool of 300 cubic meters, around which is quite impressive size screens, which turns a naval battle scene, and the audience watched the battle from swimming in the pool, "craft", and from the shore, and not just "watch", and actually involved in the battle in the role of seamen or gunners (on the bank will be installed weight and size models of guns, of which the "gunners" will actually shoot, and the results of its "firing" will be seen on the screen).

The main problem with the placement of virtual museums — the lack of existing "traditional" museums of vacant space. Becaus
e that does not depend on factors such project was developed prefabricated buildings for their own virtual museum, or rather a cultural and entertainment complex, which in addition to the museum includes a few more screens, music and dance, "attractions", a theater hall, public catering, hotel rooms and so forth.

One embodiment of such a complex:


And this modest complexes (less capacity and size only, the rest are as good as big brothers :)), a kind of rural clubs new generation:




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