Extreme Park a world-class construction in Sochi

Six months later, near the trout farm (on the road from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana), will start a range of entertainment ekctremalnyh — AJ Hackett Sochi.  The project AJ Hackett has existed since 1988, most in the world at the moment there are 5 such sites (in Germany, France, China, Australia and Singapore). When they open in Sochi, this place is, of course, will immediately become popular among fans of extreme sports.

Editorial FunSochi.ru visited the construction site and found many ways to tickle nerves offer Sochi branch of the company. The first, and probably the most "not scary" and accessible to all — Skybridge— A giant bridge over the gorge. It will be the world’s largest pedestrian suspension bridge (length 440 meters).

At the construction site. Point 1 on the other side of the valley — where will come the suspension bridge. From point 2 will begin a giant troll, which would come back.

 Further, Bungee Jumping— There will be two options — jumping from a special platform at a height of 60 meters, designed for different jumps (jumping from diving into the water before jumping on BMX bikes, etc.). For the more daring — jumping from the gondola in the middle of the bridge, which hangs at a height of 200 meters above the ground. Welcome to the next level of extreme — it is the greatest height for bungee jumping in Russia (the world is bigger than just China — 233 meters)!
AJ is very concerned about the safety of jumps — replacing the rubber rope bungee jumping is performed after making one third of his life. Keeps a log that records every jump and weight jumper to determine the replacement time of war. Of course, we wanted to know how the rope attachment to the person. In addition to traditional fastening around ankle, is used for redundant fastening belt.
Total in 1988 on the grounds that the company had produced 2.5 million jumps. In this case, jump, even people with disabilities!


  Capsule switching to a suspension bridge


 Trolley— This is for those who do not want to go back over the bridge on foot. Two taut rope, a length of 550, the other a length of 800 meters, will provide a safe and exciting ride through the gorge.

Pendulum— Variety Rope jumping, falling only occurs once at a tangent to the circle. Hold on tight — these giant swing radius of 160 meters (the largest in the world!) Will put you out of your comfort zone and make poorat.

Rope Park — A set of rope structures at a height of several meters above the ground. An ideal place for an active family and corporate entertainment.

Work on the construction site began about a year ago and is now nearing the final stages. The most labor-intensive work in the near future will be met — in a couple of months will be hanging bridge over the gorge, and the next phase.

The design of the bridge supports

Section Suspension Bridge

View of the construction site with the Adler — Krasnaya Polyana

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