F-35 — dead-eater money

Dear passengers! The commander of the ship and crew
welcomes you on board our aircraft.
On board there are sauna, swimming pool, cinema,
gym, a disco and a bowling alley.
And now we are with all this garbage will try to take off.


United States of America have long been decided to carry out a kind of unification and a multi-role fighter, which would meet the most varied requirements. So that it can be used to solve various problems of democratic and generally inspired by its very existence to the vast superiority of the U.S. in the air for many, many years. According to calculations — for 55 years.

It’s about the project F-35 (Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II).


What exactly is required of the F-35?

Foreign Policy article leads Winslow Wheeler called "The plane, which robbed the Pentagon", which are painted in detail the technical and financial shoals project. It is extremely entertaining! Winslow Wheeler — Director of Military Reform Project of the Center for Defense Information (Center for Defense Information). ’31 Worked on Capitol Hill and in the Office of the Comptroller, in dealing with national security.

American Wishlist were extremely numerous. Fighting machine the next (by their calculations, fifth) generation, designed for aerial combat and combat ground targets, should be almost invisible to radar and to provide excellence in any field of the future. It will replace most of the fighters in service with the Air Force, Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and at least nine foreign allies of America.

The history of the project is largely contradictory and it started back in the 80’s. He appeared in the form of a proposal to create a fighter with a short takeoff and vertical landing, which also had to be supersonic. One, of course, does not exclude the other one hundred percent, but in general the requirements of almost the opposite.

Next, the project added a requirement that the aircraft should be multi-purpose, that is, the fighter and bomber at the same time. And it is a compromise between maneuverability and low weight and fitness of the fuselage under the heavy bomb load.

And then added another requirement of invisibility. That is specialized for the "stealth" aerodynamic shape and a special coating that reduces the "flare" on the radar. Gun suspensions were also required to hide from radar — change the shape of the fuselage, adding compartments for weapons, ie increase permanent weight machines.

Now all? No. Another plane has to be multi-functional and suitable for different branches of the armed forces, such as the Air Force, Marines and Navy. And they have their own, very strict requirements.

Well, that is not enough just music room and compartments for paddles. And so — fully universal plane!

But I guess if you put enough money, then all of the above requirements can be summed up in one, ahem, aircraft and construct a super car? So, in a development program has already invested 56.4 billion dollars! And we need more. And more.

Furthermore, the purchase price. Planned to purchase 2,457 machines. Last year, the Pentagon told Congress that this is the purchase price is increased by 16 percent, from 328.3 to 379.4 billion dollars. That’s all. More promotions will be. Just will not! In February 2012, the price of … will increase to 395.7 billion dollars. And in April, it was one more rise to 289 million dollars.

To have something to compare — initially, in 2001, planned to spend 226.5 billion in 2866 planes!

But before you buy a product, you need to be sure of its quality. For such a product, as a military aircraft, provided flight tests.

Test aircraft planned to be completed in 2019. In this case, the aircraft experience — you have to build it. To address the shortcomings — you need to build an airplane with the shortcomings of previous prototypes. Thus, by 2019, will have built hundreds of aircraft. Currently, the program tests carried out by about 20 percent, and the most difficult tests ahead. Based on those tests, which are already managed to hold, the cost of rework and modifications will make 534 million dollars. But you know what amount can and will change in the direction of increasing as further testing.

And what other point: 395.7 billion dollars — the cost of purchase and only. And the costs over the entire life cycle of technology projected at $ 1.1 trillion.

That is, the cost of the party aircraft — half a trillion dollars!

News sites that tell about the plane, as compared to characteristics of this figure leads the annual GDP of Spain …

Another feature another nail in the coffin of the project — deadlines. It was planned that the first batch of aircraft will be ready for adoption into service in 2010. Then it was said that the first batch will arrive in 2012. Now in 2019 — is an informal version of the terms of entry into service. Almost 10 years. Bit late.

What can be said as the final word. F-35 — it is a universal miracle plane. Who knows everything, but far worse than the specialized equipment for each type of task. Collect collected, and make effectively impossible. Solve the fundamental structural problems can only be started all over again.

However, I lie. One plane is able to do very well — pulling monstrous amounts of money and the amount of time on their creation. Why not give up the program in its early stages and not just freeze it? International project and signed on to him for many of the States, U.S. allies, so now exit the U.S. will be very problematic. Therefore, they will try to continue to keep a good face on a bad game. After all, in case of failure — some other countries also have something to offer to potential buyers in the market of combat aircraft.

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