Fighter F-35A (Air Force version) got the opportunity to fly NIGHT MODE and bad weather criteria, but still retained the ban fly during storms with lightning, reports aereo.jor.br February 7.

NIGHT MODE and ability to fly in bad weather criteria (SMU) will allow to significantly expand the amount of flight testing and intensify the training of pilots. Previously stationed at Eglin base (Florida) and Edwards (CA) F-35A fighter aircraft could fly only funny day and in clear weather to keep eye contact (a so-called «fighter blue»).

In February last year two fighters met flight NIGHT MODE and SMU, then was carried out some «minor modernization of the aircraft.» In recent years, will receive new aircraft landing lights on the wingtips.

As modernization in this direction undergo version F-35B (Marine Corps), and F-35C (Navy). Yet, until the plane can not fly during hurricanes and lightning, because it does not meet the security requirements that are needed to cope with such complex criteria. The company Lockheed Martin said that the planes of the 7th Party, whose deliveries will begin in 2015, will meet all the requirements in this area. If necessary, will be finalized earliest fighters parties.

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